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CHA Client Testimonials

A kind word from a valued client is our best advertising!

"I am extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the tax returns.  Bob and I want to thank you and Van for your outstanding efforts in working with us, as well as the business.  It hasn't been an easy task, untangling and uncovering many aspects of both our personal and business financials and making sense of them.  Your patience, expertise and concern is much appreciated!"  SR, North Hampton

"If it were not for Counting House's comprehensive approach to managing payroll, bookkeeping and preparing taxes, I may have never achieved such a high level of company growth with so little stress or pain.  Working with this company is proving to be one of the best investments in my agency's long term success that I could have ever hoped for"

"Be prepared to find financial disipline.  Be prepared to work more on the service or craft of your company.  Be prepared to grow!"  David Stout, Good Squire Marketing

"Van Ballantyne and the people in his office are great!  They are always available when I need them and always take care of my questions and concerns in a timely manner"

"Well, we have tried other accountants and been horribly disappointed by all.  You have been the only one willing to advise us and offer constructive help for our business."

I want to thank you for all the efforts involved in this morning's meeting including getting Steve there.  Your valuable experience in this endeavor is welcomed and appreciated.  BM North Hampton

"So happy that you found me, and I took advantage of the initial visit.  :)"  DH, Greenland

"Switching our accounting service to Counting House was like switching on a light... night and day difference!"

"Thanks for taking the burden of accurate recordkeeping off my back and allowing me to concentrate on providing the highest level of care to our clients.  Clearly, this is also a task you have been successful at as well!"  DM Exeter

"For years my former accountant had me owing IRS thousands of dollars on April 15th; since we switched to Counting House I usually get a small refund!" MC, Barrington

"Can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to file our taxes BEFORE the end of February.  Great job to you and your staff - it has been such a pleasure having Counting House as our support."

"When I sent that initial e-mail saying that 'we were an audit waiting to happen' I really didn't think any accounting firm would even want to touch us!  You have been such an incredible help to me even when I get overwhelmed and stressed I have complete confidence in you and your employees!  So thanks for EVERYTHING!"

"Great work!  Your guys make my life much easier!"  SB, Hampton

"Sheri and I wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did regarding the IRS audit.  Thank you so very much for your assistance with this... Much Appreciated!" MA Greenland NH

"May I extend my heartfelt thanks for assisting my tax needs this season, and helping me to finalize my Mother's paperwork.  Marc Michaud has been most helpful and professional during this time of healing.  Thank you all for going beyond the business of business to touch a human heart."  MR, Kittery

"You and your staff have all been great.  Very patient with us, knowledgeable, and always right there to help.  Thank you - we needed you on our team."

"So glad we changed our accounting services to you - we are really pleased even though we are a small concern - the value is the best." GMR Kingston

"First, let me thank you!!  Thank you for being so patient with us and fixing things to our request so quickly.  You and your team mates have been great in helping us."  Heather, VLACS

"I wish I had found Van and Counting House 10 years ago..."

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