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At Counting House, we’re passionate about you and your small business. With monthly bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and business advising, we’re here to help your small business grow, see more profits and help you achieve your personal goals. We are a non-traditional full-service accounting firm specializing in small businesses in the New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts Seacoast areas.

One Stop

Does your business have a separate bookkeeper, CPA, and outside payroll company? Counting House combines all your accounting needs under one roof with a simplified system and unlimited telephone support. It’s that simple.

No Surprises

We don’t like surprises on Tax Day. You don’t either. Our systems and tax planning ensure that you pay the least amount of tax required by law and that you know your liability well in advance of deadlines. It’s that simple.


We manage your back-end office activities so you’re free to run your business. We don’t stop there, but provide you with management advice throughout the year. It’s that simple.

Timely & Accurate

What good are inaccurate reports that are 4 months behind? You need timely information to run your business. Our commitment to our clients is to achieve 95% completion on monthly reporting. It’s that simple.

Rapid Response

We follow the ‘Sunset Rule’ for client communication. Emails, phone calls and other messages are generally returned the same day or within 24 hours. What good is a return call a week later when you forgot your question? It’s that simple.

YOUR business is unique!

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Optional Add-Ons for most plans: Pay Vendor Bills, Worker Comp Pay As You Go, Sales Tax Reporting, Personal Tax Preparation

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It always pays off to deal with someone you can trust! When learning that our taxes were not handled well, I chose to call Counting House Associates in Greenland, NH. After speaking to a representative in person I saw that there was a real interest in seeing what the issues were and finding a solution for us and our situation. When I heard back from Counting House Associates it was a call stating that there was important and key information missing and they were sending me an email for more claification. In the end it was their integrity and tenacity to make sure all my details were accounted for so that an accurate assessment was done. I want to thank Counting House Associates and all the staff that were involved. I will be a long time client moving forward.
Ashley Holgate
Ashley Holgate
16:22 15 Apr 18
The Counting House Team is very helpful and professional. They are very quick with answering all my questions. We just started our business with them and already see how they are helping my company.
Paul Streeter
Paul Streeter
22:23 02 Apr 18
Superb! If you want solid, unwavering support and guidance on all levels of financial management and advisement personal or business.. GO SEE THESE PEOPLE!
Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett
16:03 02 Apr 18
Van and his team are professional at their jobs and excellent at customer service. Very much appreciate the expertise and help, we are a company that is just starting to take off and having them not only perform payroll but make sure we have all the details straightened out and understand them has been great! A good ally for any business.
Terry Traynor
Terry Traynor
18:31 31 Oct 17
Van and his team are amazing and this is an understatement. I am a small business owner who has owned my business for 10 years. I wish I met Counting House when I first started my company. They have always been responsive to my emails and questions. Not once have I felt ignored or not important. They are amazing with payroll and as I continue to grow and add employees they are right there helping my payroll needs along the way. They do so much more than payroll as well. They are an amazing company and are an asset to any business that decides to have them in their toolbox. They wont let you down. My word as a business owner is one thing. But to drive the point home for how great they are. My wife is a licensed CPA. She was a manager at a regional firm in Boston and turned down becoming a Partner so we could start a family back here in our home state of NH. She is very experienced and extremely "picky" when it comes to other accounting firms. She has a lot of trust and faith in Vans business as it allows her to do her own job and come home with the family and kids and not worry about my business or bookkeeping. This has been great as she has more time with the kids and isnt stressed about my company. Keep up the great work with your "5 Legged Stool"
Septic Designs of NH
Septic Designs of NH
13:51 29 Aug 17
Easy to work with and very capable at a reasonable cost. Love working with Lynne. Her accounting and tax guidance for both my small business and personal taxes has been excellent.
Roy Strasser
Roy Strasser
15:27 01 May 19
Counting House has been a life saver. Worth every penny. We have been in business 15 years and every year we file an extension and file late which cost us a fair amount of money. We also always end up paying a huge amount of money taxes owed. We hired Van and the gang just over a year ago. They do it all for us. We filed on time this year and got a 6000. return. Can't say enough good things about them.
Bill Jordan
Bill Jordan
15:10 07 May 19
As a small business owner, Counting House has made my life SO much easier! I love that all of my business needs are handled under one roof and by one team. Van really knows his stuff! They always answer all of my questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. I highly recommend!!
Randi Jo Steiner
Randi Jo Steiner
21:07 05 Jun 19
I'm very happy the support and expertise from Van and his team!
Andy Chevalier, ND
Andy Chevalier, ND
00:49 27 Jul 19
I recommend Counting House to friends and family.
Justin Perry
Justin Perry
20:04 05 Dec 19

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