Hiring a new employee is a lot of work. First, your company needs to craft a job advertisement and then select candidates for interviews. Then comes checking references and running a background check to ensure your business is not hiring someone who misrepresented themselves. Presenting the chosen candidate with an official offer letter comes next, but the process is still incomplete. You cannot overlook the most important paperwork of all, the new employee paperwork.

Information All Employers Need to Report Regardless of State

Federal law requires that all employers obtain the name, address, and social security number of each new employee and report it to the state where they do business within 20 days. When reporting information on each new employee, you also need to include the name, address, and federal employer identification number (EIN) for your business.

If your state’s reporting time is fewer than 20 days, that deadline takes precedence. New Hampshire has the same 20-day limit as the federal government. Information for each new employee must appear on a W4 form or something similar to it. Most states have the option to submit the information electronically, but if not, you can mail it.

What to Do When You Have Employees in Multiple States

This concern is becoming more common with the growing popularity of the remote workforce. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as registering as a multi-state employer with the federal government. Your company then has the option of submitting all new hire paperwork to a single state. This only applies in the following situations:

  • Your company operates in only one state but has employees in multiple states.
  • Your company operates in multiple states and has employees in each of those states.

If neither of these applies in your situation, you should follow the guidelines of your own state. Since the physical location of Counting House Associates is New Hampshire, we provide new hire paperwork guidelines for our state below.

New Hampshire Requirements for New Hire Reporting

In addition to the basic federal requirements, New Hampshire requires businesses to provide the following information about each new employee within 20 days:

  • Date of hire
  • Work state
  • Type of hire, such as permanent employee, temporary employee, or independent contractor
  • Employer’s state identification number

Keep in mind that the state requires a physical address for each new employee, not a post office box number. Once you have gathered all the information, you can submit it electronically at this link. Electronic submission is the fastest, but here is the address to mail the new hire reporting information if you prefer:

New Hampshire Employment Security

PO Box 2092

Concord, NH  03302

Let Counting House Associates Handle the New Hire Paperwork for You

Whether your business needs help with new hire paperwork, onboarding paperwork, or any other Human Resources administrative task, we can help. Please contact Counting House Associates to learn more about our complete payroll and HR service solutions.