Starting a small business is difficult enough. Save yourself the worry of administering payroll for your small business and its employees. Whether you decide to use one of the big box options or a customized and tailored approach, here are some of the important options you should pay attention to so your employees and your business is well-served.

Mobile App

Everyone is on the go these days—your customers, your employees, and even yourself. Take advantage of a payroll software program that has a mobile app so you and your employees can stay up-to-date on all the latest payroll information anytime and anywhere.

Easy Accounting

As a business owner, you want to use a program where you can easily import and export transactions from your payroll service into your accounting program. It should be as simple as the click of a button and you shouldn’t have to rekey data.

Electronic Reporting

Your time is valuable and you should have access to a library of reports at your fingertips. Payroll summaries, tax liabilities, YTD and QTD balance sheets, and more should be available to you immediately through your payroll service.

Tax Filing

Take the guesswork out of tax filing. Use a payroll processing service that calculates, deposits, files, and reconciles your payroll taxes on a bi-weekly or a twice monthly basis. And if you get a question from the state or federal government? Let your payroll service respond to inquiries and make filings on your behalf.

New Hires

Once you’ve posted a job, interviewed candidates, and made a hire you’ve invested a lot of time. Make the onboarding process easy. Use a payroll service which tracks and files the relevant paperwork so you don’t miss deadlines or misplace important information.

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